Accounting Support Services

Every organization with a long-term profitability objective, requires a well-managed accounting system. At KPS, we can support you regardless of your location, revenue and size (small, medium-sized and large organizations) in the following ways:

Accounting System Set Up and Management (ASSUM)
Our ASSUM package is industry and business-size specific. We will work with you to create a seamless Accounting System incorporating controls to prevent and detect frauds. With our ASSUM package (and if required), we will train your personnel on the usage of the applications/software deployed within your organization.

Virtual Accounting Support Services (VASS)
Our VASS package would definitely save you space, time and physical resources. With our VASS, we would assign to your organization a trained accounting staff who sits within our premises under our supervision, but has a real-time connection to your organization to gather, record, and analyze transactions as they occur. We would be responsible for the preparation of all periodic income statements as well as the Statement of Affairs/Balance Sheet.

We have invested in IT infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted connection to your organization (regardless of where they exist on earth), and you can be assured of the independence and integrity of our specialists.

Under the VASS Package, your organization may request for our on-demand financial advisory services to keep your business on a going-concern. Our VASS package also incorporates a risk assessment component through which we can flag to your management any red-flags identified periodically before a risk crystallizes to issues.

Loan Staff Support (LSS)
With our LSS package, we would deploy to your organization a KPS-trained accounting specialist who would support your management in accurate accounting record management, analysis and advisory services to your management. The main difference between the VASS and the LSS is that unlike the VASS package, the LSS accountant would be under your supervision for the period in which you have contracted for.
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